Frenchie Terrycloth Bathrobe

Frenchie Terrycloth Bathrobe


These robes have been updated for your Frenchie's wearing pleasure! They are 100% combed cotton terrycloth material which ensures they are super absorbent and soft! This robe comes complete with a loop and hook closure at the chest and a bathrobe tie around the back. The silver tiara will be sure to please your Frenchie queen of the castle and the gold crown will be sure to please your Frenchie king. Make your Frenchie love bath time and treat them like royalty with these luxurious robes!


Please go by the largest measurement on your Frenchie. If their chest measures an XL but their neck only measures a L, go with the XL. If you are in between sizes or right at the top end of the size, choose the larger size. If you need help or suggestions, email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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