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FrenchiEssentials is an upscale online retailer that is tailored to the wants and wellbeing of your French Bulldog. Unlike other dog retailers, our selections are vetted by real French Bulldogs, ensuring your Frenchie only the best. 

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Here at FrenchiEssentials, we work to bring the best of the best together for you and your French Bulldog. From training tips to Frenchie friendly resorts, make sure you check back for the newest update.


Protecting Our French Bulldogs

FrenchiEssentials was created to help protect this terrific breed and to help provide Frenchies with access to the care and medical attention they might need. Every time you make a purchase from FrenchiEssentials, you help us provide donations of clothing and foodbenefiting Frenchies and their owners nationwide. 


Wonderful! I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit my French Bulldog. Shorter than a big dog but a wider girth than a medium dog. This looks awesome!

-Dale Enomoto, Ewa Beach, Hawaii