5 MUST READ French Bulldog Blogs

5 French Bulldog Blogs for a Smile


Do you need to read more about french bulldogs? It’s not enough that we see them everyday, take them everywhere and buy them their own FrenchiEssentials, we also can’t read enough about them! We love articles about french bulldogs and learning more about them. There is a lot to learn about french bulldogs and even if you are only thinking about getting one, it’s always a good idea to study up on their traits, personality and training tips.

We’ve compiled a fun list of blogs that are ALL about french bulldogs! Check them out below.

FAYME FRENCH BULLDOGS BLOG – Started in 2009, Fayme updates her blog frequently with cute posts and shares photos of her family (humans and frenchies!).

ALL ABOUT FRENCHIES – They’re not kidding about their site being a french bulldog owner’s manual! They provide a complimentary French Bulldog Ownership course, thorough articles and even a forum so you can talk to other fellow frenchie owners.

FRENCHIE SPACE – A well-researched resource with categories such as Frenchie Facts, Famous Frenchies and even “Ask A Trainer.” They have several posts about common french bulldog challenges: heat stroke, dental car, flea prevention and more.

WHERE’S THE FRENCHIE? – Although this blog is not just for frenchies (and yes, it’s written by What The Frenchies’ own mom!), the site is definitely a treat. Browse through dog-friendly getaway guides, hotels and elegant photos. Maybe it will inspire you to book a getaway with your pup in the near future!

BATPIG AND ME – This blog, written by a girl and her frenchie, is dedicated in finding the cutest, most unique frenchie gear, illustrations/artists and other notable articles about french bulldogs. It’s styled like a magazine and is super fun to browse through!

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